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Innovation Consulting

Our Innovation consulting focuses on how to create and nurture a culture of Innovation (product / service). There is no second guessing at the fact that to survive in today's business environment organizations has to innovate and for most of the major organizations around the world, Innovation is the key driver of long and short-term strategy. Hence we have structured our consulting practices around Innovation which will act as a base for strategic organizational growth and sustenance.

Our Innovation Consulting team can help you assess the current state of Innovation in your organization, visualize the future state, then guide you to plan and execute the appropriate Innovation projects and finally creating a culture of Innovation that is self sustaining. 

Innovation consulting from STRAINNO can include any / all of the following:
  • Current State Assessment (CSA)
  • Training on Innovation
  • Innovation Infrastructure Set up
    • Innovation Management Team
    • Innovation Management Process
    • Innovation Management System
Contact Us today and let's discuss how we can help you and your teams Innovate

Business Process Improvement (BPI) Consulting

Our BPI consulting practice is two fold. As first part of our BPI consulting we offer assistance to organizations working towards a LEAN implementation or a LEAN transformation. As evident from historical and current implementations, LEAN process improvement is applicable in all format and domains of business. The benefits of lean are endless, but some of the major once can be summarized as:

Some of the major industry in which we have helped companies implement LEAN are

  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Shipping
  • Packaging and Transportation
  • Education

The second part of the BPI consulting is around Six Sigma Process Improvement Initiatives. Six Sigma is a process heavy and statistics driven methodology which can be used by companies for improving their process efficiency and effectiveness. Six Sigma can be combined with LEAN to create an organizational culture of Continuous Improvement and Learning, which can serve a competitive advantage in today's global business environment. STRAINNO's LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) consulting is focused on guiding our customers to a state of “Perfection”, where they can make money faster by streamlining flow, reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction by creating value as perceived by their customers. For more information in our LSS consulting please Contact Us today!
Project Management Consulting

As part of our PM consulting practice, we assist and guide companies to setup or renovate Project Management Offices (PMO) and Organizational Process Infrastructure, focused at defining and practicing standard work culture there by reducing variability and waste and creating consistency and perfection while delivering projects. And as an after effect of delivering projects consistently with higher quality and faster delivery time, you gain a competitive edge that every organization aspires for. This not only ensures short term success at project or portfolio level, but also ensures long-term success by creating a pool of satisfied and loyal customers.

Our project management consulting includes the following features:

  • Current State Assessment (CSA)
  • Training on Project Management
  • End-to-end PM Infrastructure Set up
    • Creating a Project Management Team (PMO)
    • Defining and Implementing PM Processes (Lean PM or PMBOK - 5th Edition or SCRUM)
    • Project Management System
  • Benefits Realization Management
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