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STRAINNO is a management consulting and training firm, based out of Bangalore, India. We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals aimed at adding value to the customers by providing solutions that are Simple, Effective and Sustainable. We provide consulting in Organizational Process Improvement Initiatives using Lean and Six Sigma, Strategic Planning & Management, Innovation and Design Thinking and Project Management Office (PMO) setup. Apart from consulting, we provide training in Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management and General Management. We provide corporate training and conduct classroom trainings and  sessions across major cities of India. 

LEAN is a collection of few simple rules that were formulated on the shop floor of a Japanese auto maker. But these simple rules have been used by businesses across the globe to push themselves to become the market leaders and in some cases also to turnaround organizations from the verge of dissolution. These principles have found application in almost all forms and domains of business, from banking to healthcare and from manufacturing to aerospace. LEAN is "a Thinking Process", "a Philosophy" which has changed businesses and lives of people alike over the last 60 years and is still said to be in its infancy. Our 3 Day LEAN Certification Course is designed to help you understand LEAN and its application to various business scenarios of 21st century and to think and research its relevance and applicability to your business and personal lives

Six Sigma
a Quality Management Methodology that endorses information driven decision making. This works by finding the major source of variation in an organizational process and then takes a systematic & structured approach to analyze and improve the specific areas, there by leading to a state of perfection. Six Sigma found its roots at Motorola and GE during the eighties and have since become the corner stone of many process improvement initiatives across organizations worldwide. The strength and wide acceptance of Six Sigma lies in its usage of Statistical Process Control. Our 4 Day Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course is designed to help you learn Six Sigma and
 its applications from history and the trend of its application for current and future business scenarios.

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